The Jersey County Victorian Festival

Civil War Era Reenactments
Jerseyville, Illinois

Labor Day Weekend

Visit a Civil War Encampment

Civil War Battle
The Civil War battle reenactment begins daily at 2:30 pm

Perhaps the most popular attraction at the Festival is the daily afternoon battle. Although over a quarter of a million men from Illinois were involved in the Civil War, no military battles were fought in the state and the battle at the Festival will actually be a tactical demonstration between groups representing Union and Confederate forces. Spectators will be able to witness infantry and cavalry charges, authentic cannons booming, and the medical corps attending the wounded during the demonstration.

Civil War Undertaker

Civil War embalming surgeon, portrayed by Jon Austin, recreates the application of embalming during the Civil War period, demonstrations of field embalming, and discussions of nineteenth century funeral practices.  Even though embalming had been introduced twenty years earlier, the War offered a need to apply the technique to preserve the remains of soldiers so that their bodies could be shipped home for burial and was also utilized during President Lincolnís long journey to Springfield, Illinois.

Artillery Demonstration

An educational  and historical artillery demonstration is conducted daily at 10:30 am demonstrating how a typical Civil War era artillery battery performed its duties. Artillery pieces participate in the daily battle.

Volunteer Enlistments

The audience will be shown what a recruit had to go through involving their physical. Enlistment papers signed by a Colonel will be handed out to young men-women who wish to participate.

Ladies of Charity

A display and explanation of items that women would collect for the soldiers, both Union and Confederate. This will highlight the efforts women made to help the soldiers.  The number one service the women provided was reading letters for the soldiers and also writing letters for them to their families.

General Ulysses S. Grant

Mark Brown of rural Roodhouse, Illinois will be on hand as Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant. Brown has been a civil war reenactor for thirty years and has impersonated General Grant for over twenty-five years.

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