Visitors Guide to the
World Bird Sanctuary
125 Bald Eagle Ridge Road
Valley Park, MO

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The World Bird Sanctuary is both a unique St. Louis attraction and entertaining environmental education opportunity. The World Bird Sanctuary is comprised of 305 acres of Missouri hardwood forest and is next door to Lone Elk County Park and Chubb Trail. With over 200 animals in its care, the World Bird Sanctuary offers a one-of-a-kind wildlife experience. The World Bird Sanctuary’s mission is to preserve the earth’s biological diversity and to secure the future of threatened bird species in their natural environments and fulfills that mission through education, captive breeding, field studies, and rehabilitation. The World Bird Sanctuary is one of North America’s largest facilities for the conservation of birds and is on the leading edge of public awareness regarding the plight of bird species worldwide.

The World Bird Sanctuary has a variety of venues from which view and learn about its birds, mammals, and reptiles. Animals on display in the nature center may include parrots from around the world (including the Thick Billed Parrot - the only parrot native to the United States), snakes such as "Kahn", the 12 foot Albino Burmese Python, "Shuttle", the Russian Tortoise and "Inca", the Guinea Pig. The viewing deck behind the Nature Center offers a chance to see a variety of raptors from around the world enjoying their day in one of the weathering areas. Along the drive near the nature center is a number of outdoor enclosures which house a tremendous variety of eagles, owls, hawks, falcons, vultures, and parrots. The World Bird Sanctuary features free seasonal shows, nature trails, educational programs, and picnic pavilions.


Visiting the World Bird Sanctuary
     Visiting Hours
          8 am - 5 pm daily
               The birds are generally on view by 10 am)
          Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas days
There is no charge to visit to visit the World Bird Sanctuary.
Sorry, No Pets Allowed. It's not that the Sanctuary is against pets, it's just that the birds who cannot tell that if a dog on a leash and is not a threat to them. They react to the perceived threat by flying into the sides of their cages, hurting themselves.

Take I-44 past 1-270 going west towards Tulsa for approximately 3 miles, start looking for the World Bird Sanctuary signs. Take Exit 272 onto MO-141and stay right. At the light, turn right and immediately turn right again. At the end of the exit is North Outer Road and a World Bird Sanctuary sign. Turn left and travel approximately 2.5 miles to the main gate which is across the road from Lone Elk Park.

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World Bird Sanctuary - Use the official site of the World Bird Sanctuary for answers to all the questions you may have.

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