Special Nature Activity
Stingrays at Caribbean Cove
April 14 - October 1, 2017


Location: St. Louis Zoo, One Government Drive, St. Louis, MO

Dates: April 13 - September 30, 2018

Description: Watch, touch and occasionally feed the unique and fascinating stingrays, as they glide through a warm saltwater pool. Visitors are encouraged to dip their hands into the water and allow the stingrays to touch them. The sharks are a little too shy for petting, but you may be lucky enough to have one touch you briefly as it swims by. Located under a large pavilion near Lakeside Cafe these ocean animals swim through a 17,000-gallon pool complete with waterfall and a lush surrounding landscape.

On display are Bonnethead sharks are the smallest members of the hammerhead family. The Bonnethead sharks at Stingrays at Caribbean Cove are small, shy and docile fish and pose no danger to humans. The Cownose rays and southern stingrays are related to sharks. They have a flat body, long pointed fins and a long whip-like tail that can be used for defense against predators. At Stingrays at Caribbean Cove, their stingers or barbs are painlessly trimmed back just like fingernails are clipped. Also along for the swim are horseshoe crabs, which are more closely related to spiders and scorpions than to true crabs. The horseshoe crab is a living fossil. It has been on the earth for 220 million years, longer than dinosaurs, and it survives today almost identical to its ancient ancestors.

The 20-inch deep pool includes a waterfall and a state-of-the-art life support system. The pool also has solitary space and places for the animals to rest if they choose. Zoo interpreters and educators will be on hand to help visitors and to share information about the animals, sustainable seafood and ocean conservation

$4 per person (Children under age 2 are free)
Zoo members at the Family Level and above may use their Anywhere Plus passes for admission.
Admission is free the first hour the Zoo is open.
Save with a Safari Pass.

For more information call 314-781-0900 or 1-800-966-8877
  or visit the exhibit's webpage

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