Guide to the Bird Watching Checklist for Pere Marquette State Park

This information has been accumulated for all seasons of the year and by many observers and the Checklist will be upgraded as new or additional information becomes available.

The Checklist was prepared by Helen Westenfeld in cooperation with the Division of Natural Heritage of the Illinois Department of Conservation. Additions or recommendations should be forwarded to the Division of Natural Heritage, Springfield, IL 62706. Information about the breeding species is most desirable since it may be useful for site management purposes.

The species name and sequence of the birds on the checklist follow the A.O.U. Checklist, 6th Ed. (1983).

The following legend indicates the approximate relative abundance of each species during each season it most likely occur:

a abundant, expected every trip in large numbers in proper habitat
c common, expected regularly in season and appropriate habitat
u uncommon, not expected regularly even in the appropriate habitat or season
o occasional, found only infrequently
r rare, only 1 to 5 records

The seasons are identified as follows:

Sp Spring, primarily March through May (although some migration may occur in February and June
Su Summer, primarily late May through early August
Fa Fall, primarily August through November (although some migration begins as early as late June and continues well into December)
Wi Winter, primarily December through February

The following symbols are keys to general habitats, if present, where the species most likely can be seen:

bg bare ground (plowed fields, etc.)
cr cropfields
an annuals (naturally occuring)
ng native grasses/prairies
sg shrub/grass type old field
ts tree/shrub type old field
ed edge between forest and open habitat
uh upperland hardwood forest
bh bottomland hardwood forest
co coniferus forest/woods
bl bluffs and road cuts
st streams and rivers
la lakes and ponds
ma marsh (primarily herbaceous vegetation)
sw swamp (primarily woody vegetation)
ur urban areas, farmyards and man-made structures

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