Annual Special Event
Big River Steampunk Festival

Hannibal, Missouri

August, 2020


Location: Historic Hannibal's North Main Street, Hannibal, MO

Dates: August 30 - September 2, 2019

Description: “Steampunk,” a term which was first used in 1987 and can be called Victorian Science Fiction. “Steampunk is a creative social movement that draws inspiration from Victorian history in an anachronistic mix of science fiction, modern values, and a sense of fun.”

What does one do at a Steampunk Festival? What can visitors expect? Think “Renaissance Faire” but rather than medieval England it’s Victorian America. Steampunkers enjoy creating historical personas and design elaborate costumes to celebrate their love of history and adventure. One main event is a Cosplay (Costume Play) treasure hunt where players may interact with merchants on Main Street and costumed re-enactors to learn clues and solve mysteries to earn prizes. There will be a hot air balloon tethered on the riverfront for rides high above the Mississippi. A vaudeville show will recreate the entertainment of the late 19th century. There will be seminars on Steampunk-related topics, and the Great Midway will be an area set up for vendors to sell Steampunk style merchandise. Tea parties, duels, a fashion show, a special exhibit on inventions at the Hannibal History Museum and other events will also be part of the fun.

Hannibal is the perfect setting for an event such as this. Its authentically Victorian and was a major center of commerce during the Industrial Revolution with steamboats, steam powered trains, and scientists and inventors who patented dozens of gadgets. Historic Main Street is the perfect backdrop for Steampunkers to portray their personas of the 19th century, and the beautiful Victorian homes throughout the historic districts inspire the right sense of time and place.


For more information visit the event's website

Directions and Map:

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