Horseback Riding
in the Middle Mississippi River Valley covers an approximately 400 mile stretch of the Mississippi River. Listed below are sites along the Great River Road that accommodate horses and horseback riding or offer horseback riding opportunities.

Great Places for Horseback Riding
Locations geographically listed from north to south
Arabian Woods Horse Farm
1279 E. 2385th Streets
Camp Point, IL
  Arabian Woods Horse Farm is designed to educate and enlighten the horse enthusiast. The farm promoted the Arabian and Colorful Hald Arabians produce at the farm. Experience everything from birthday parties, tutorial camps, trail rides, individual experiences, as well as private lessons.
Pere Marquette State Park
5 miles west of Grafton
on Route 100
  Illinois' largest state park, Pere Marquette is famous for the beauty of its fall colors and as a home for bald eagles in the winter. Plenty of year round activities.
Kinkaid Lake
Jackson County, IL
  Lake Kinkaid is a 2,750 acres body of water located in the Shawnee Hills region of southwestern Illinois. The lake attracts anglers because of its abundance of game fish and over 90 miles of shoreline and water depths to 75 feet. There are three recreation areas along the lake and the area offers picnicking, hiking, wildlife viewing, swimming, horseback riding, and camping opportunities.
Trail of Tears State Forest
3240 State Forest Road
Jonesboro, IL
  Trail of Tears State Forest is one of five Illinois' state forests in a system that was established to set aside lands for the growing of timber needed in production of forest products, for watershed protection and to provide outdoor recreation. The Forest consists of just over 5,000 acres and lies within the southern section of the Illinois’ Ozark Hills region, one of the most rugged landscapes in Illinois. The name is a memorial to the winter of 1838-39 forced migration of the Cherokee, Creek, and Chickasaw nations through the area. During the 1930s a Civilian Conservation Corps camp operated in the Forest constructing many of the stonework stabilization walls and log stone shelters within the picnic area and along the Forest roads. The park offers picnicking, camping, hiking, wildlife viewing and hunting opportunities.
Trail of Tears State Park
429 Moccasin Springs
Jackson, MO
  Trail of Tears State Park is a memorial to the members of the Cherokee tribe that lost their lives during their forced relocation in the winter of 1838-39. The peaceful, serene setting and the abundance of recreational opportunities of the 3,415-acre park are in sharp contrast to the tragic history that gives the park its name. The park preserves the native woodlands much as they appeared to the Cherokee. Mature forests cover much of the park, which is characterized by sharp ridges and steep ravines. Located directly on the Mississippi River, visitors can view the plentiful wildlife, including white-tailed deer, turkeys, hawks and foxes. The park offers camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, backpacking, primitive camping and equestrian pursuits.
Lewis and Clark
State Historic Site
State Historic Site
Foundry Art Centre
St. Charles, MO
Cuivre River
State Park

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