Hints for Leaf Peepers
Dos & Don'ts)

The Fall Colors Walk
at Pere Marquette State Park

1. DO get out of the car. Take a walk and smell and listen to the sounds of autumn. There is the aroma of the apple orchards, the swirling of the leaves in the wind and the crunch of the leaves underfoot. Remember, seeing the foliage is only half the fun.

2. DO look for changing views. There are back roads that meander through changing vistas of woods, farms and small villages. Look for old barns, animals grazing or the barges plying the waters against the backdrop of fall color.

3. DO observe proper foliage etiquette. Many people use the area’s single lane roads to get from here to there as promptly as possible. If you're admiring the view at twenty miles per hour, pull over when someone's behind you. And DO ask a landowner's permission before tramping into the fields. DO remember to buckle up. The state’s law enforcement officers vigorously enforce the Click It or Ticket program.

4. DON'T rush. A picnic by a scenic view beats racing about. Soaking in a single scene can be more rewarding than a hundred quick glimpses.

5. DON'T panic that peak has passed you by. Peak color is not a fixed moment in time. Within a few miles you may see different stages of fall color, depending on tree type and elevation. If you are searching for the perfect conditions you will be missing the experience of the entire season.

6. DO wake early. The colors can be most vivid in the morning dew and light. DO linger to enjoy the late-afternoon light. The deep shadows late in the day set off all colors against areas of darkness.

7. DO have lodging reservations during the late September and October prime leaf-watching period. DON'T expect to stay but one night. Most places expect a two-night minimum during foliage season.

8. DO come during the week. The crowds are much smaller and most area attractions and businesses are open. You'll find mid week a much more relaxing experience.
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