Vintage Voices - Alton, Illinois


Annual Special Event
Vintage Voices

Alton, Illinois

October, 2019


Location: Alton National Cemetery, 5th & Vines Streets, Alton, IL

     October 6 - October 7, 2018
     October 13 - October 14, 2018

Times: Walking tours start at Noon and will run continuously until the last tour leaves at 2:45 pm

Description: The Alton Cemetery comes alive with living history at the annual Vintage Voices heritage program. Visitors will be able to walk down the shaded paths of the historic Alton Cemetery and meet the men and women who lived in the Alton area during the 19th and early 20th century. Members of the Alton Little Theater and the YWCA will portray ten individuals who lived, worked, or in some significant way had an impact on Alton's history. The reenactors take position near the gravesite of the person that they have chosen to portray and entertain their audiences with first person accounts of true tales of Altonís past. By choosing to portray a diverse group of historical characters who the general public is unfamiliar with, the organizers of Vintage Voices are able to give its visitors a unique perspective of what life was like in Alton's past.

The characters and themes of the 2018 tours were carefully selected by Director Lee Cox to represent some of the pride she herself feels in being a "hometown" girl who has come to even better appreciate her community through her work with Vintage Voices over the last six years. Knowing that this may be the last year her schedule allows her to coordinate the project she wanted to leave a lasting impression of inspiration for the many loyal visitors who attend the fall fundraiser each year. So, Lee and others are "bringing to life" some entertaining characters in commemoration of some of Alton's finest (and saddest) hours to inspire us all to pick up the mantle of responsibility for making our community a better place to live for all.

The Legacy of Strong Women (Sophie Demuth and Mother Jones) will be portrayed by Loretta Williams; The Legacy of Gentle Strength (and commemoration of Robert Wadlow) will be portrayed by Nick Trapp and Kerry Miller (as Charles Goulding); The Legacy of Love & Literacy will be portrayed by Nadja Kapetanovich and Diana Kay, celebrating the Haskell/Hayner families; The Legacy of Philanthropy will commemorate Dr. Gordon Moore, portrayed by Brant McCance; The Legacy of Life Lessons - Remembering Elijah P. Lovejoy will feature Lief Anderson as Edward Lovejoy and Lorian Warford as Anson B. Platt; the Legacy of Hometown Pride will commemorate Illinois Statehood and Alton's history through the eyes of Don Alonzo Spaulding and be portrayed by Michael Cox; the Legacy of Arts and Culture will feature an homage to ALT Founder, Dorothy Colonius (to be portrayed by Pat Kulish), and the Legacy of Tolerance and Inclusion will celebrate the YWCA's 100th Birthday as seen through the eyes of Mary White Ovington as portrayed by Gail Drillinger.

Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students and will be available at the Alton Visitor Center and online at, (beginning September 1) and at the front gate of the City Cemetery each Saturday, beginning at 12:45 p.m. More information about touring opportunities can be obtained by calling the ALT office at 618-462-3205.

For more information call the ALT office 618-462-2015

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